If you’re thinking of building a home or already in the process, to get the most value, consider these five upgrade. Although upgrades cost more and add to the principal of your home loan, they can be very attractive to buyers and add value to your home.


Upgrade cabinetry if you can. The kitchen is a primary gathering place and upgraded cabinets will increase the appeal and the value of your home even if you are not planning to sell. Cabinet upgrades look better but they will also last longer. Door hinges wear down with repeated opening, doors get slammed and nicked, spills happen. Better quality hardware and materials will endure the abuse and prolong your kitchen’s beauty and functionality for many more years than standard cabinetry. You don’t want to replace or upgrade your cabinets in a few years, do it up front. It’s well worth the investment. 


As a gathering place, your kitchen should look appealing and inviting. Upgrading appliances to increase your home’s value and functionality is a no-brainer but higher end appliances also add “polish” and appeal. If you are purchasing appliances not included in the home build (refrigerator, washer and dryer), matching your upgrades appliances will establish a consistent, finished quality in your new home. It will also ensure the quality and performance expecation throughout your home. 


Extending your entryway flooring (hardwood or high end laminate) into your kitchen and family room will create a more open feel by eliminating the division caused by different types of flooring in the family room and kitchen. This upgrade will draw attention all the way throughout the main level, creating an elegant, spacious aesthetic. 

Upgraded carpet will wear better, last longer. If you don’t want the expense of upgraded carpet, consider upgrading the carpet pad. A higher-quality carpet pad can extend the life of the carpet.


Upgraded baseboards on you main level will last longer and create a custom look in your home. Like cabinetry, basebaoards are not something you want the hassle of replacing in a few years.


There are some smart and relatively inexpensive upgrades to consider outside your home.Adding extra power outlets for hanging Christmas lights, etc. provides convenience as well as dding an extra water spigot near your plant beds, spa or driveway.

One Last Tip

Take pictures at your builder’s Design Center to document your design selections. 

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